Good day, citizens of Emerald Cove. My name is Anton Chauvet, the new mayor of this beautiful town. But please, call me Anton or maybe even Tony. Or A-dog. Or T-dog. Also, Mr. C, Chauvey or whatever you want, as long as you're happy, dear citizen. But please, never ever ever call me Mitt Romney.

Any appointments, please go to my secretary. My doors are always open for any questions that you have.

Marquis Jean-Pierre Antoine Louis de Arnaud du Agneaux-Chauvet. Ventrue Vampire. One of the last of the living noble blood lines. I have lived through time long enough to become the Prince of Washington. I do not permit mistakes and I do not give pardon. I suggest that you get your shit right because I will not hesitate to ask my minion to rip your head off.

Allies? What can you do for me?

Sage? I am being oversold.

Sage? I am being oversold.

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